Trading Online

We Understand Trading and the Traders 

You must never sign up with a broker that does not understand its traders. The world of trading is changing at an abrupt pace. Just a decade ago, you did not have any cryptocurrency market existence. At that time, people used to invest their money in the stock or forex market to make money from trading. However, the world of trading has changed a lot today. The brokers who are not adapting to the current changes will disappear soon. And yes, there are many online brokers who still do not offer you any opportunities for trading in the cryptocurrency market.  

However, we understand you, our traders, the trading world, and trends. We have designed every aspect of our online trading platform to give you the experience that you can’t get elsewhere. From huge opportunities of making money to saving tons of money on commissions and unnecessary hidden charges, you will be happy that you sign up with us.   

We Bring You the Best from the Trading World 

When you are new in the trading world, you want to be able to pick from a variety of assets. You are still finding your form and rhythm, and you can do that only when you trade the asset that matches your trading style. However, you cannot enjoy that luxury when you sign up with a broker that offers you only a couple of cryptocurrencies. That’s not going to happen when you sign up with. STR Capital brings you the best from the cryptocurrency world because we believe in cryptocurrencies just as much as you do. We believe that they are the future of the world and we are paving the way for them to become that. S 

So, with most online brokers, you can only trade Bitcoin. That’s the most famous crypto asset, one that is known and accepted the most around the world. However, it does not make sense to keep sticking to Bitcoin when you have literally thousands of other cryptocurrencies in the market. So, if you are someone who is interested in trading Stellar, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc. you can sign up with us, open your trading account and start trading today.  

Our Trading Platform Has Been Designed with You in Mind 

At STR Capital, we believe that the trader is the one who uses the trading platform and so trader should be the one to focus on while choosing the right trading platform. We give you access to a trading platform that you will admire at every step of trading. First of all, you will get all the information you need about trading right on the trading platform. You will get all the charts and graphs that you need to make successful trades. The dashboard is easy to understand and trading is a breeze too. You will never feel lost on our trading platform because of how simple it is. However, here is the most important thing about our trading platform.  

We have designed our trading platform to work on every computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. device in the world. It is a web-based trading platform that you can use from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer without any compromises on the quality of trading. It is going to be the same trading platform everywhere. You will not even have to worry about compatibility issues because this trading platform will run on any trading platform and operating system. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you will be using this trading platform smoothly and without any hassle on any of them.  

We Believe in the Security and Safety of Your Money and Information  

Are we doing a great job if we cannot protect your information and money? One of the biggest concerns that new traders have when they are about to sign up with an online broker is the protection of their money and information. Even if you do not sign up with us, we still advise you to inquire about these two things with the broker you are thinking about signing up with. So, when it comes to your information, we have to make sure that every bit of info that you provide on the website is protected.  

How do we make sure that it is protected? We have the latest encryption methods in place to ensure the safety of your information that you provide on our website. In addition to that, we make sure that your money is safe with us and we do that by putting your money in segregated accounts. We do not mix your money with ours and make sure that your funds are always kept separately with their own separate record.  

We Will Help You Learn Trading  

Are you a new trader who wants to learn trading before putting his/her money at stake? Of course, that is the right way of thinking when you want to make money from trading. How can you learn trading? More importantly, how can you learn trading cryptocurrencies? That’s an important point, and one that you will not have to worry about if you sign up with us. We will help you learn as soon as you sign up with one of our trading accounts. We have created our accounts with your convenience in mind. If you are on a budget, we recommend you go with the basic account, which requires only $250 from you as an initial deposit.  

You will find all the necessary training material that you need as soon as you sign up with us. This training material will help you learn the basics of trading and give you some advanced education as well. You can always choose to learn through ebooks or videos, that’s completely your choice.  

Our Customer Support Is Unmatched  

We have provided you with many ways to contact us when you are in need. You can send us an email at (email address) or call us at (phone number). You can also fill this online form (insert link) to send in your inquiries. We are here to help you with your concerns 24/5.